Author Spotlights

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, there will be two Spotlight rooms. These are opportunities for authors to meet with their fans in a small room and talk to them.

Torry Pines rooms 2 and 3


DayTime SlotRoomTitle of Spotlight
Thurs9:00-9:30Torrey Pines 2 Cindy Fazzi Explains the Meaning of her thriller’s title MULTO
Thurs9:00-9:30Torrey Pines 3
Thurs9:30-10:00Torrey Pines 2 Karin Fitz Sanford reads from new mystery THE LAST THING CLAIRE WANTED: A Wine Country Cold Case
Thurs9:30-10:00Torrey Pines 3
Thurs10:30-11:00Torrey Pines 2 JANIS THOMAS talks Suspense with her latest novel FINDING GRACE
Thurs10:30-11:00Torrey Pines 3Edward Zuckerman: How a veteran writer for “Law & Order” ended up in Nigeria to research his first thriller
Thurs11:00-11:30Torrey Pines 2 Laurie R. King talks about the Russell Buzz!
Thurs11:00-11:30Torrey Pines 3Blending Native American Spirituality with Murder in Never Name the Dead with
D. M. Rowell
Thurs11:30-12:00Torrey Pines 2 How to Write Like Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon: Ask an Expert How the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books were written
Thurs11:30-12:00Torrey Pines 3
Thurs12:00-12:30Torrey Pines 2 Crime Trivia with James L’Etoile
Thurs12:00-12:30Torrey Pines 3D. V. Bishop offers tips on writing historical mysteries and talks about his series set in Renaissance Florence
Thurs12:30-1:00Torrey Pines 2 Carol Finizza’s debut novel Murder on Hollywood Beach, the first in the Messy Girl Murder series, demonstrates that if she can write a 300 page cozy thriller, anybody can. Find out a few of her how-to tips
Thurs12:30-1:00Torrey Pines 3
Thurs1:00-1:30Torrey Pines 2 Ellen Kirschman talks about cops and their families.
Thurs1:00-1:30Torrey Pines 3Nancy Brashear presents her debut, Gunnysack Hell, and talks about the challenges and rewards of using her real-life family crime to inspire her Daphne DuMaurier (Kiss of Death) award-winning thriller … + giveaway drawing!
Thurs1:30-2:00Torrey Pines 2 Kelly Oliver, Mariah Fredericks, and Nina Wachsman talk about Feisty Woman in Historicals
Thurs1:30-2:00Torrey Pines 3
Thurs2:00-2:30Torrey Pines 2 Corey Lynn Fayman presents the Rolly Waters Songbook
Thurs2:00-2:30Torrey Pines 3Curtis Ippolito, Josh Stallings, and Holly West discuss writing about their different regions of California
Thurs2:30-3:00Torrey Pines 2 Konstellation Press, SD indie publisher, authors Corey Lynn Fayman and Richard Opper talk about their mysteries set in San Diego
Thurs2:30-3:00Torrey Pines 3Linda Moore talks about her award-winning novel ATTRIBUTION. Journey to a fictional world in Spain and win free passes to see the Spanish baroque art at The San Diego Museum of Art and a beautiful art book. 
Thurs3:00-3:30Torrey Pines 2 Konstellation Press authors: Kara Stevens, Cornelia Feye
Thurs3:00-3:30Torrey Pines 3J. Luke Bennecke with new suspense thriller ECHO FROM A BAYOU
Fri8:00-8:30Torrey Pines 2 Tattoo shop cozy with Trish Arrowsmith
Fri8:00-8:30Torrey Pines 3
Fri8:30-9:00Torrey Pines 2 Whet Your Appetite with a Cozy Culinary Writer: Maddie Day will chat about her popular cozy series, and food, of course! + giveaway
Fri8:30-9:00Torrey Pines 3
Fri9:00-9:30Torrey Pines 2 Cozy Authors Nancy Coco, etc talk about how setting and career/hobbies drive their books
Fri9:00-9:30Torrey Pines 3
Fri9:30-10:00Torrey Pines 2 CJ Connor reads an excerpt from their debut quozy mystery Board to Death
Fri9:30-10:00Torrey Pines 3It’s Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams: Debut cozy mystery author Anna St. John inspires with the story of how she wrote Doomed by Blooms, signed with an agent, and sold a five-book deal…in her 70s. Plus a giveaway
Fri11:00-11:30Torrey Pines 2 Jennifer J. Chow highlights Cozy superstars + giveaway 
Fri11:00-11:30Torrey Pines 3Weaving Myth into Mystery: Amazon bestselling and Agatha nominee for Best First Book Esme Addison discusses the Polish myths that form the basis for her Enchanted Bay Mystery Series: the Mermaid Of Warsaw and the Wavel Dragon. Plus a giveaway!
Fri11:30-12:00Torrey Pines 2 Linda O. Johnston talks about Alaska Untamed Mysteries–and dogs!
Fri11:30-12:00Torrey Pines 3Former Metropolitan Opera violinist and award winning author Erica Miner brings murder and music togehter in her series of Opera Mysteries
Fri12:00-12:30Torrey Pines 2 Gabbing and Giveaways with Cozy Authors Leslie Karst and Ellen Byron 
Fri12:00-12:30Torrey Pines 3Will Zeilinger and Janet Elizabeth Lynn on using location as a character in your story

Fri12:30-1:00Torrey Pines 2 Secrets, Stakes, Surprises—and Snacks! Blurred Fates’ author, Anastasia Zadeik, talks about the debut experience
Fri12:30-1:00Torrey Pines 3
Fri1:00-1:30Torrey Pines 2 Fall ’23 debuts Meredith Lyons and Jackie Johnson talk badass female heroines
Fri1:00-1:30Torrey Pines 3Secrets Can Be Deadly with Lisa Malice and Marcy McCreary
Fri1:30-2:00Torrey Pines 2 Lisa M. Lane on how a historian writes historical mysteries
Fri1:30-2:00Torrey Pines 3
Fri3:00-3:30Torrey Pines 2 Let’s visit Lake Tahoe with Rachele Baker and her debut cozy mystery Tragedy in Tahoe. Book giveaways and prizes!
Fri3:00-3:30Torrey Pines 3Nicole Ashong serves up some Mexican snacks and shares her tips for juggling writing, a day job, and two young kids
Fri3:30-4:00Torrey Pines 2 A Decade of Rick Cahill with Matt Coyle
Fri3:30-4:00Torrey Pines 3
Sat8:00-8:30Torrey Pines 2 Money Laundering 101 with Carl Vonderau
Sat8:00-8:30Torrey Pines 3Josh Pachter talks about anthologies inspired by singer/songwriters
Sat8:30-9:00Torrey Pines 2 Political Spy Thrillers with MATT SCOTT
Sat8:30-9:00Torrey Pines 3Art and jewels are forever but tattoos don’t have to be. Come get your temporary tatt while M. A. Monnin and Lane Stone read from their latest art crime thrillers.
Sat9:00-9:30Torrey Pines 2 Agility Movement While Writing and Reading with Tori Eldridge
Sat9:00-9:30Torrey Pines 3Puja Guha shares stories that inspired her bestselling THE AHRIMAN LEGACY series
Sat9:30-10:00Torrey Pines 2 Yasmin Angoe’s IT ENDS WITH KNIGHT Pre-Launch Morning Jam
Sat9:30-10:00Torrey Pines 3Learn about Queer Crime Writers! Organizers of Queer Crime Writer share the organization’s mission and goals. LGBTQ+ readers, writers, and allies are welcome! with John Copenhaver
Sat1:00-1:30Torrey Pines 2 Location, Location, Location with Janet Elizabeth
Sat1:00-1:30Torrey Pines 3K-9 Stories and Book Give Away. The real stories about the inspiration for the National Forest K-9 Series.  With Kathleen Donnelly
Sat1:30-2:00Torrey Pines 2 
Sat1:30-2:00Torrey Pines 3
Sat2:00-2:30Torrey Pines 2 Chris Quarembo reads from new crime novel KILLER DEALS
Sat2:00-2:30Torrey Pines 3Two Writers, One Voice. Mike Rubin and Ayan Rubin talk about co-writing their award-winning thrillers that have gone international..
2:30-3:00Torrey Pines 2 Lori Duffy Foster and Joyce Woollcott read from their latest thrillers and give away books!
Sat2:30-3:00Torrey Pines 3Mallika Narayanan reads from debut thriller IN THE DARK I SEE YOU + a giveaway
Sat3:00-3:30Torrey Pines 2 Robyn Gigl — real life lessons from a fictional lawyer
Sat3:00-3:30Torrey Pines 3Robert Lopresti: How Librarians Tracked A Rare Book Thief
Sat3:30-4:00Torrey Pines 2 Screen, books or audio? Oscar-nominated screenwriter Iris Yamashita talks about different media outlets
Sat3:30-4:00Torrey Pines 3Katayoun Medhat talks about the trials and tribulations of Franz Kafka (of Milagro PD)
Sat4:00-4:30Torrey Pines 2 Jason Starr discusses THE NEXT TIME I DIE
Sat4:00-4:30Torrey Pines 3Authors Sharon Short/Jess Montgomery and Erin Flanagan Talk About Surprising Facts about their Writing and Personal Lives!
Sat4:30-5:00Torrey Pines 2 Delia Pitts reads from her new private eye thriller TROUBLE IN QUEENSTOWN
Sat4:30-5:00Torrey Pines 3
Sat5:00-5:30Torrey Pines 2 SUSAN CALDER talks about her novels and Calgary Bouchercon 2026 
Sat5:00-5:30Torrey Pines 3