The Anthony Awards

Nomination ballots went out Feb 28th at about 5pm. If you were registered for 2022 or are registered for 2023 Bouchercon, you should have received your ballot. Check your spam folder. If you did not receive one, contact

If you registered after the first ballot went out, do not despair. There will be two more mailings (minimum) before April 30th when nominations are due.

The Anthony Award nominations begin on February 28th. Nominate a book or story that was published the previous year (2022) in one of the qualifying categories. Details on how to do so will be given in late February. We do not accept nominations outside of that process. Only those who receive a nomination ballot (registered for last year’s Bouchercon or this year’s Bouchercon) can nominate a work. Only those who are registered for this year’s Bouchercon and are in attendance can vote.

A special Anthony Award committee (separate from the Board of National Bouchercon and the Local Organizing Committee) manages all parts of the process. Nominations are due April 30th. Nominations are counted and the finalists announced around May 7th.

Voting occurs at Bouchercon 2023. You must be present to vote. Voting ends early on Saturday and the award are presented to the winner at the Anthony Awards on Saturday evening (after the Banquet).

2023 Categories:

  • Best Hardcover
  • Best Paperback/Audiobook/Ebook original
  • Best Debut (First Novel)
  • Best Humorous
  • Best Historical
  • Best Children’s/YA
  • Best Nonfiction/Critical
  • Best Anthology
  • Best Short Story